Queen; Me!

I saw my worth, when you gave me no berth
I did struggle; to see, why it was ‘I’ who didn’t want to believe
Clearly, I want not worthy, ever again, in your company
Your eyes only on your self(ish) wealth & nobodies needs
You steal from the mild-mannered & those you see weak
I saw it like a job, turn the other cheek…….sortofspeak
Not one employee to be; on your behalf, to stand before me!
For, I have watched years of what it is you do
Corruption and greed; it be your motto & even creed
Evil lurks behind those dull grey eyes & wrinkled droopy lids
Your heinous mind is where your evil does breed & live
Deeds you’ve done; not surprising anyone ..but simple o’le me
I too, no longer believe a single word you do bleed
You are full of shit ..I SEE..lies & manipulation is your wealth
I will not hold a grudge……but, yet, I will NOT budge..nor indulge… Ill will or unhealthy
Not to be your judge nor the jury, to whom will inevitably get you on perjury
You will see what it means to be a “lesser of thee”
Without my interference……you will then believe
Thine, will to be done…….to correct what you’ve done
Let’s have some fun~
Come on EVERYONE! Repenting has just begun 🙂

Do You See?

Let’s stand                  in the breeze
Letting our skin          cover in sea’s salts
Licking it off with         the greatest of ease
My whole, all I’ve ev- er wanted is to please
I never wanted the wealth & best of bees
I wanted the honey milk from the trees
All’s I’ve ever wanted was you & me
That’s not what I ‘use to’ believe
That was then; this is now
What was, will never be
It is gradual life
You see?

~~ Respectable ~~

I see you hurting
Inside those tiny watering eyes
To reach you; you seem to despise
Calling to you; not wanting you to cry
My son, all I can do is ask, “Why”?

A first in my life
I brought home my delight
All ten fingers and toes
As the story goes, ~and a cute button nose

Quiet you were no matter who was around
Not a peep; not a single sound
Quizzical eyes bright & beautifully brown
On the floor; instead we'd crawl around

Those years to pass
When you would look to me & ask
Hearing every word I told
Now you feel to be too old

My son; I just wish I knew
What's it like being you
I wish there more I could do
Please learn from my mistakes is all I can say

Smart w/exuberant quick wit
Crafty & thorough , you don't quit
Proficient in writing and the arts
Of natural talents; you have that spark

Teen years taking it's toll
Making me crazy & wanting to fold
Hardships we both do feel
We have to keep pushing ahead; that's the deal

You'll be changing into a young man
I want to help teach you
To be a good man
On your own &  eventually stand

A highly respected man

Down To The Last Drop

Just a little more to please
You laced your fingers w/a gentle squeeze
So delicately as you were now to tease

Twist, spin, turn
Eager to taste every drop
Begging & yearned for it to not stop

The sweet aroma goes wafting by
Stronger w/each lust-filled drip
Heart to skip a beat; justified

Licking every single fingertip
A love song & dance; courtship
A creamy succulent goodness with each dip

Rich with wiseness & worthiness
Deeper & deeper into your soft soul
Sending nerve-endings sky high; untold

As your talented lips simply slipped around the rim
Living your life day by day; not on a whim
Needing the beast you licked w/a fervor; sin

You brace yourself as told
Your head dazed & out of control
No longer to wait you engulf whole

Before you so quickly erupted in pure pleasure galore
You swallowed the hot liquid sweetened w/ honey & more
Like you had done many times before...

...Down to the last drop


Making Love

I need it now
Bring it to me please
I need it so
I have to have it....Yes, please!
Your smile that stole my heart
Sexy winks from the very start
That nod of acknowledgment is all it took
Your intentions not demands
The passion behind your soft hands
A fact of being a caring loving man
Into my arms, your head is to rest
Giving you strength when there was nonetheless
Passionately devoting my own life; 
feeling ever blessed
What is it that you'll profess to confess?
Is it something similar; at best?
Your wholehearted devotion put to the test?

Am I just your next conquest?